The Compact Line is designed meeting the requirements of the so called “lean production”, with a specific attention to the requirements of the production environments of electronic boards.
It is ergonomically sophisticated and technologically competitive, offering the highest flexibility, high measurement accuracy, high test speed, in small spaces and minimum footprint with limited consumptions to grant a cutting edge and sustainable product.

Compact systems represent an optimal solution for:

  • Analog and digital in-circuit test
  • Analog, digital and power functional test
  • Boundary Scan type tests
  • Digital components programming (OBP of microcontrollers, memories, etc…)
  • High voltage test

In case of new requirements in performances and/or ergonomics, Seica can provide customized Compact solutions for a customer, integrating instruments and third party software packages, or with the design of dedicated hardware and software modules to meet the requirements of a specific customization.

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All the PILOT NEXT> testers feature the Industrial Monitoring solution “4.0 ready” by Seica, to monitor current absorption, supply voltage, temperature, light indicators and other parameters useful to indicate the correct operation, to ensure predictive maintenance and make the systems compatible with the standards of the fourth industrial revolution ongoing nowadays.

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