Introducing – The Tarantula – State of the art technology, easily integrated in any line. Wide range of dispensing applications such as Solder Paste and SMT Glue, LED Encapsulation, Silver Epoxy, Dam and Fill, Underfill, Cavity Fill, 3D Dispensing via laser height mapping and more.

Process Maximum dispensing speed Piezo Jet Valve: 145‘000 dots/h
Dynamic Shockwave Valve: 77‘000 Dots/h
Time/Pressure Valve: 26‘000 Dots/h
Archimedean Screw Valve: 22‘000 Dots/h
Dispensing mode Dot, line, curve, interpolated 3D contour
Accuracy Placement XY dots ±40 μm (3σ)
Positioning Z axis ±20 μm (3σ)
PCB PCB dimensions 560 x 610 mm (22 x 24“)
Dimensions Machine footprint 1’557 x 1’357 mm (61 x 53“)