Protection and added value

for your products

Protection and
added value

for your

Blister with high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. These packages allow greater protection for medical products, such as vials, vials, syringes, etc.

THERMOFORMED EXIM offers a wide variety of packaging suitable for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical and veterinary packaging allow to give greater protection to medical products, vials, vials, syringes, packaging and thermos.

Our range of packaging solutions for pharmaceutical and medical products includes both semi-automated and automated systems, suitable for use in the cleanroom environment.

Each of our machines and lines have been individually designed to meet your requirements in terms of process reliability, reproducibility and automation.

They allow flexible and efficient packaging of delicate products in different formats, regardless of whether they are individual products or combined packages. For this, our packaging solutions offer protection for the product.




Depending on the specific product to be packaged, and complying with international and local standards, we produce toxin-free packaging.

The materials intended for the manufacture of packaging for pharmaceutical and medical products are somewhat similar to those used in food packaging, and the developments achieved for the latter can, in general, be applied to the former.

The trend observed in the evolution of the development of materials for pharmaceutical and medical products indicates that this sector is possibly making greater use of the most advanced technologies.